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100 % White Hat

All what we do comply with Google's guidelines for webmasters: links are placed on websites from the same or related topic
No expired domains reused with different topics
Original texts written by the publishers themselves and included in a relevant way in their websites

To whom our service is destined?

Website owners, SEO agencies, Endusers

Companies from all sectors: Appear with links and/or ad banners in quality French websites of your sector.
Our inventory is especially good in topics such a energy, ecology and tourism

SEO agencies : We maintain over 500 websites and thus cover all major topics which should fit any of your clients

Website publishers : Our links and articles help you improve your linking profile and SEO rankings.


Our offer in figures




Average Trust Flow
85 % of the websites have Trust Flow comprised between 5 and 20.


Average Ref Dom
85 % of the websites have between 15 an 100 Ref dom

6,5 years

Average age of the websites


We have served over 500 clients since the end of the 1990's, with a 100 % satisfaction rate.